BOGO SALE! Oregon Lemon (H) Indoor 4g 8th


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The overpoweringly pungent Eugene, OR Lemon Diesel cutting crossed with the Face/Off OG Bx1 Male. If lemon is your flavor, then this is your hybrid. The Lemon Diesel has one of the most breath taking eye watering lemon smells in the Cannabis genetic world. This stuff just REEKS, right on par with the Ohio Lemon G, just sweeter and more pleasing to the nose instead of bitter and rank. Crossbred with the Face Off makes for some wonderfully easy to grow, vigourous, branchy, and sturdy plants. Smells range from powdered lemonade to zesty lemonhead candy bouquet with a classic aromatic kush scent in the background that leaves you with a lip smacking flavor on the palate for hours..

Lineage: Lemon Diesel x Face Off OG bx1
Yield: Average
Flowering Time: 65 Days


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